Acsády György: History of human life span and mortality (Budapest, 1970)

GY. ACSÁDI and J. NEMESKÉRI HISTORY OF HUMAN LIFE SPAN AND MORTALITY This monograph is the result of co­operation between anthropologist and demographer. The novelty of their ap­proach lies in the fact that by co-operating their existing methods and devising specific new techniques, they created a sound basis for the objective demographic analysis of anthropological series. The book consists of three major parts. The first one deals with theoretical and methodological problems of life span and mortality from both the biological and demographical points of view. The second part discusses the process of increasing of human life span and the history of human mortality throughout the one million years’ history of man­kind, i.e. from prehistoric ages to modern times. Special importance is lent to these chapters by the completeness of the anthropological series studied. Both Hun­garian and foreign anthropological mate­rials are analysed. Based on these data different historical types of mortality are established. In the third part palaeodemographic tables are submitted, contributing to further research in this field. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ Publishing House of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest