Ádám A. (szerk.): Geoelectric and geothermal studies. East-central Europe, Soviet Asia. KAPG Geophysical monograph (Budapest, 1976)

Editor in Chief a. Adam Geoelectric and Geothermal Studies GEOELECTRIC AND GEOTHERMAL STUDIES (EAST-CENTRAL EUROPE, SOVIET ASIA) KAPG GEOPHYSICAL MONOGRAPH KAPG GEOPHYSICAL MONOGRAPH Editor-in-Chief: A. ÁDÁM Physical studies of the Earth, and espe­cially of its upper mantle unavoidably meet problems either implicitly or explic­itly in which the distribution of thermal energy has a dominant role. Therefore, the knowledge of the amount of heat flowing through the Earth’s surface is of fundamental importance in geophysics. The very strong dependence of electrical con­ductivity on temperature makes the electro­magnetic induction studies a very impor­tant tool for the investigation of geo­thermal activity in the depth. This monograph contains the main results in geothermics and magnetotellurics in the socialist (so-called KAPG) countries during the last ten years. The monograph brings together in a series of articles a comprehen­sive presentation of both theoretical and practical aspects of these geophysical disciplines and their interpretation. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ PUBLISHING HOUSE OF THE HUNGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES BUDAPEST AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ BUDAPEST