Ádám A. (szerk.): Geoelectric and geothermal studies. East-central Europe, Soviet Asia. KAPG Geophysical monograph (Budapest, 1976)

Editor-in Chief a. ádám Geoelectric and Geothermal Studies KAPG GEOPHYSICAL MONOGRAPH Physical studies of the Earth, and espe­cially of its upper mantle unavoidably meet problems either implicitly or explic­itly in which the distribution of thermal energy has a dominant role. Therefore, the knowledge of the amount of heat flowing through the Earth’s surface is of fundamental importance in geophysics. The very strong dependence of electrical con­ductivity on temperature makes the electro­magnetic induction studies a very impor­tant tool for the investigation of geo­thermal activity in the depth. This monograph contains the main results in geothermics and magnetotellurics in the socialist (so-called KAPG) countries during the last ten years. The monograph brings together in a series of articles a comprehen­sive presentation of both theoretical and practical aspects of these geophysical disciplines and their interpretation. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ PUBLISHING HOUSE OF THE HUNGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES BUDAPEST AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ BUDAPEST GEOELECTBIC AND GEOTHERMAL STUDIES (EAST-CENTRAL EUROPE, SOVIET ASIA) KAPG GEOPHYSICAL MONOGRAPH Editor-in-Chief: A. ÁDÁM