Ádám András: Truth functions and the problem of their realization by two-terminal graphs (Budapest, 1967)

András Ádám TRUTH FUNCTIONS AND THE PROBLEM OF THEIR REALIZATION *^|TWO-TERMINAL GRAPHS The book gives a survey of mathematical researches deal­ing with truth functions (i.e. Boolean functions). This is the first attempt in literature to publish a comprehensive work in this field. The monograph comprises two parts. Part I is devoted to questions inherent in the theory of truth functions; investigations concerning prime implicants, superpositional completeness, unique decom­­posability by repetition-free su­perpositions and the number of symmetry types of truth func­tions. Part II deals with the connections prevalent between truth functions and graphs, more precisely with the problems of realization, putting special emphasis on the question of the repetition-free realization of truth functions by two-terminal graphs. The Appendix of the work gives the summary of the open ques­tions and the branches still to be elaborated in the theory. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ Publishing House of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest