Ádám György: Interoception and behaviour. An experimental study (Budapest, 1967)

G. ÁDÁM INTER ОСЕ PTI ON AND BEHAVIOUR AN EXPERIMENTAL STUDY The monograph will be of value in filling the gap between the neuro­physiological and psychological aspects of interoception. It sums up twelve years’ research on the central nervous integration of visceral afferent impulses. Five of the six chapters are devoted to the experimental work of the author and his team on the be­havioural and electrophysiological mechanisms of interoceptive con­ditioning; an introductory chapter gives a brief account on the peripheral interoceptive mecha­nisms. The last chapter, an ‘ex­cursion ’ into psychology, deals with the relation of interoception to consciousness and tries to outline the possible effect of viscer­al input on emotional behaviour. The book will appeal primarily to neurophysiologists and psychol­ogists, but should be of interest also to clinical psychiatrists and neurologists. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ BUDAPEST