Ádám György: Perception, consciousness, memory. Reflections of a biologist (Budapest, 1980)

PERCEPTION, CONSCIOUSNESS, MEMORY Reflections of a Biologist by G. ADAM How does the brain get its information from the environment ? Are we in­formed about conditions prevailing in various internal organs of our body? What is meant by the “decoding activity” of the cortex ? What is the biologist’s opinion about conscious and unconscious processes? What experi­mental evidence do we have on the phases of sleep and dreaming? Can learning and memory be explained on biophysical and biochemical grounds ? These are just some of the intriguing questions to which Professor Adám of Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, seeks answers. Tn this popular seien­­t ifie treatise he has collected up-to-date information on brain physiology and the biological processes of cerebral in­formation uptake, processing, and storage. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ Publishing House of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest