Andrássy István: Evolution as a basis for the systematization of nematodes (Budapest, 1976)

I. Andrássy Evolution dS d BdSis for the Systematization of Nematodes The significance of the threadworms in nature is great and from man’s point of view numerous species are dangerous pests. Though their research has gained ground in the past two decades, nema­­tology is much hampered by the diffi­culty in identification and systematiza­tion, for even experts sometimes are led astray. The present volume set the target to give some help to solving this difficulty. One of the obstacles was that we hardly know anything about the origin ana phylogeny of this group of animals. The author surrenders information on his investigations concerning the evolution of Nematoda. He attempts to elucidate the problem from several aspects and suggests a triphyletic evo­lution for the group. Accordingly he divides the class of Nematoda into Torquentia, Secernentia and Penetran­tia. In the second part of the book, the author gives keys in which a new sys­tem is presented based on phylogeny, thereby enabling anybody working on this group of animals to identify supra­­generic categories, amply complement­ed with a list of genera belonging to each higher group. Akadémiai Kiadó Publishing House of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest