Anna Balakian: The symbolist movement in the literature of the European languages - A comparative history of literatures in European languages 2. (Budapest, 1982)

This series, unique in its genre, was launched by the International Comparative Literature Asso­ciation and will comprise about thirty volumes. Its realization is the task of an international coordinating committee renewed every three years. Research centres have been set up through­out the world in order to ensure that the different aspects of a given topic are treated by the most competent specialists in an international context, and without neglecting the literatures of the less widespread languages. The first volume of the series was published under the title Expressionism as an International Literary Phenomenon, and edited by Ulrich Weisstein. This second volume, edited by Anna Balakian, marks the first attempt to discuss Symbolism in all literatures written in the Euro­pean languages, the overseas literatures included. It demonstrates how the Symbolist stream spread to other national literatures from the French sources, shows the features common to interna­tional Symbolism, as well as the conceptual bases of the movement. A number of chapters deal with the relationship of literature and the other arts, with the presence of Symbolism in the visual arts, in music, and the theatre. The chapters dealing with the psychological aspects of the Symbolist method will be of particular interest. The theo­retical, historical and typological chapters of the volume cast new light on this most important movement of the fin-de-siecle whose impact is still felt today. (ШИ) AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ BUDAPEST