Backhausz R. (szerk.): Proceedings of the IV. Congress of the Hungarian Association of Microbiologists. Budapest, 30. Sept. - 3. Oct. 1964. - Proceedings of the Congress of the Hungarian Association of Microbiologists 4. (Budapest, 1964)

Proceedings of the Fourth Congress of the Hungarian Association of Microbiologists Edited by R. Backhausz M.D. This volume contains the entire text of the more important lec­tures, and gives abstracts of the others. A lively interest might be expected among micro­biologists all over the world, as it provides an up-to-date syn­thesis on the subject. The main topics were: Microbiological and epidemiolo­gical problems of enteral infec­tions. Here taxonomical, im­munochemical, serological and biochemical research investiga­tions of the Enterobacteriaceae family were expounded. Chemotherapy. Papers were read on microbiological research carried out on chemotherapeu­tic drugs effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Lectures concerning the role of interferon were also deliv­ered. Further topics include bacte­rium genetics, immunology, in­dustrial microbiology and virol­ogy-AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ PUBLISHING HOUSE OF THE HUNGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Budapest V. Alkotmány u. 21.