Beck Mihály: Chemistry of complex equilibria (Budapest, 1969)

M. Т. Beck Chemistry of Complex Equilibria AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ PUBLISHING HOUSE OF THE HUNGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES • BUDAPEST book presents a very general treatment of the problems of complex equilibria. Experimental methods to obtain quantitative data on complex formation and mathematical procedures to eval­uate the equilibrium constants from such data are treated in detail. Special attention is given to the formation of mixed ligand, protonated.plynuclear and outer­­sphere complexes. The impor­tance of complex equilibria in the kinetics of inorganic reactions is stressed, and the crucial role of the various types of complexes in these reactions is pointed out. Factors determining and influ­encing the numerical values of the stability constants are system­atically treated, and the prin­ciples of the critical evaluation of stability constants are given. Equilibria occurring in non­­aqueous and mixed solvents, in melts and in the gaseous phase are also discussed. The book is of interest to co-or­dination chemists, analytical and biochemists, research workers and teachers in inorganic chem­istry in universities, research students and undergraduates.