Beck Mihály (szerk.): Proceedings of the Symposium on Coordination Chemistry. Tihany, sept. 14-17. 1964 - Proceedings of the Symposium on Coordination Chemistry 1. (Budapest, 1965)

PROCEEDINGS OF THE SYMPOSIUM ON COORDINATION CHEMISTRY Tihany, Hungary, 1964 The volume contains the full text of forty papers presented by distinguished foreign and Hungarian authors at the Ti­hany Symposium in September 1964, as well as the complete material of the discussions. The papers deal with (1) the chem­istry of polynuclear, mixed ligand and outer-sphere com­plexes; (2) catalytic phenomena in coordination chemistry. Most of the papers present new, original results, and there are some authoritative reviews deal­ing with the problems of metal­­metal bonds in coordination compounds, chemistry of poly­ions, rate of aquation of complexes, catalytic activation of molecular hydrogen. The problems of outer-sphere complex and mixed ligand com­plex formation are critically treated by a series of original papers. The utmost importance of coordination in the catalysis of hydrolytic and redox reac­tions is demonstrated and a number of outstanding new results in this field are present­ed. Some papers deal with extraction problems and the study of complex equilibria in non-aqueous solutions. The chemistry of polymeric metal alcoxides, the application of IR spectroscopy and thermal analy­sis in the investigation of complexes are also treated. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ PUBLISHING HOUSE OF THE HUNGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES