Bisztricsány Ede (szerk.): Proceedings of the eighth assembly of the European Seismological Commission - Proceedings of the assembly of the European Seismological Commission 8. (Budapest, 1969)

PROCEEDINGS OF THE EIGHTH ASSEMBLY OF THE EUROPEAN SEIS­­MOLOGICAL COMMIS­SION, BUDAPEST EDITED BY E. BISZTRICSÁNY The present volume con­tains the text of ov^r fifty lectures in three different languages reporting on in­vestigations completed in recent years by the partici­pants of several countries. The material of the proceed­ings can be devided into three main sections: Crustal and upper mantle investiga­tions; Seismicity and mag­nitude; Instruments and de­vices. The first comprehen­sive account of the Upper Mantle Project in Europe was given at the Budapest Meeting. The results ob­tained on the crustal struc­ture of the Alps, the Car­pathians and the Russian platform up to 1964 deserve special attention. More than 250 figures well complement­ed with numerous tables render the volume indis­pensable for all experts en­gaged in earth sciences. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ PUBLISHING HOUSE OF THE HUN­GARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES BUDAPEST