Bodrogligeti András: The Persian vocabulary of the Codex Cumanicus - Bibliotheca orientalis Hungarica 16. (Budapest, 1971)

A. BODROGLIGETI THE PERSIAN VOCABULARY OF THE CODEX CUMANICUS The Codex Cumanicus is a very valuable literary and linguistic document contain­ing important information on the various aspects of the social and economic life of fourteenth-century Near East, above all on the col­loquial layer of the Turkish and Persian languages. With the adaptation of the Latin writing system, the Codex represents both languages, generally with the Arabic script as a pho­­nemically more reliable form, reflecting the phonemic structure of the actual speech. It is from there that the Codex Cumanicus de­rives its importance as a linguistic document. The present work con­tains the Persian linguistic material elaborated and sys­tematized according to the principles of historical and comparative linguistics with due regard to modern me­thodological requirements of text analyses. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ BUDAPEST BODROGLIGETI О THE PERSIAN►л <J H О : § 9 ES UJ О c О 5 и I X CUMANICUS­M im ■ —. — ..г.. ■ , . ■ ■ —. — —