Bognár Géza (szerk.): Proceedings of the 3. Colloquium on Microwave Communication.: Budapest, 19-22. April, 1966 - Proceedings of the colloquium on microwave communication 3. (Budapest, 1968)

PROCEEDINGS OF THE THIRD COLLOQUIUM ON MICROWAVE COMMUNICATION BUDAPEST, 19—22 April, 1966 Scientists and experts from twenty countries, viz. Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chi­na, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Great Britain, France, the Gei-­­man Democratic Republic, the German Federal Republic, Italy, Norway, Poland, Roumania, Switzerland, U.S.A., U.S.S.R., Y ugoslavia and Hungary attended the meeting and discussed various topics in microwave communication. The technical programme in­cluded communication systems theory, network theory, electro­magnetic theory, microwave theory and techniques, system ev aluation techniques and mi­crowave measurements. Micro­­wave communication makes use of almost every branch of present day communication technology.Thus radio electron­ics have been discussed in a fairly wide sense. Specialists in communication and network theory, measurement tech ­­niques and microwave circuits designpresented interestingnov­­el results and gave expositions on the state of their field. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ, BUDAPEST