Colloquium on Applications of Mathematics to Economics. Budapest, 18-22. June, 1963 (Budapest, 1965)

AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ BUDAPEST COLLOQUIUM ON APPLICATIONS OF MATHEMATICS TO ECONOMICS (BUDAPEST, 1963) Edited by A. Prékopn ^Chis volume contains con­tributions by well-known mathematicians from 12 countries participating at the Colloquium organized by the János Bolyai Mathe­matical Society in 1963. The papers — covering al­most all branches of mathe­matics applied in the field of economics, industry and demography - give an account of some entirely novel and significant attain­ments. They deal among others with stochastic pro­cesses, operation research, linear and dynamic prog­ramming, the theory of the sampling method, and the theory of graphs.