Contests in higher mathematics. Hungary, 1949-1961. In memoriam Miklós Schweitzer (Budapest, 1968)

CONTESTS IN HIGHER MATHEMATICS HUNGARY, 1949-1961 IN MEMORIAM MIKLÓS SCHWEITZER Editorial Board: G. SZÁSZ, L. GEHÉR, I. KOVÁCS, L. PINTÉR The Schweitzer Mathematical Contests for Hungarian university students have been organized by the János Bolyai Mathematical Society annually, since 1949. Their purpose is to encourage the research work of university stu­dents and to direct attention to gifted young mathematicians. The contests have been named after Miklós Schweitzer, the promising young Hungarian mathematician, whose premature death prevented the completion of a fruitful career. The organizing committee as­signs problems which demand outstanding individual abilities and a thorough knowledge of the university syllabus. Some prob­lems are taken from hitherto unpublished research results. The book deals with the yearly contest up to 1961. The texts are given first, followed by the names of the winners. The main part of the book contains entries deserv­ing publication, grouped accord­ing to topics, and gives remarks of the participants or the com­mittee. Some of the works are supplemented with notes by the authors concerning the origin of the problem, or the further devel­opment in the relevant mathe­matical field. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ, BUDAPEST