Csáki Norbert: Land supply and international specialization in agriculture - Geography of world agriculture 3. (Budapest, 1974)

N. CSÁKI LAND SUPPLY AND INTERNATIONAL SPECIALIZATION IN AGRICULTURE Land conceived as the complexity of agriculturally utilizable geo­graphical environment plays an important part in the development of international specialization in agriculture. The question of land is approached as one of the natural factors of agrarian production which, however, has an economic role as well. Many of the correla­tions prevailing in the foreign trade of agricultural products are analyzed by examples of selected countries with various land-supply features, and the realtive data are represented in the form of mathe­matical models. The impact of land on interna­tional specialization of agriculture is examined, and the results ob­tained contribute significantly to the perfection of our knowledge on the laws of international special­ization in general. Besides economists and geog­raphers studying the territorial aspects of agriculture, the book may be of interest for researchers of international trade as well. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ PUBLISHING HOUSE OF THE HUNGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES BUDAPEST