Electrical measuring instruments and measurements (Budapest, 1967)

BÉLA E. F. KARSA ELECTRICAL MEASURING INSTRUMENTS AND MEASUREMENTS Measuring instruments and meth­ods of measurement most fre­quently employed in heavy-current electrotechnics are treated in this book which, accordingly, consists of two parts, the first dealing with the instruments and the second with the measurements. The main principles of measurement dis­cussed and analysed in the first five chapters are followed by the de­scription of the various types of electrical measuring instruments. Besides affording practical infor­mation about the use of the vari­ous apparatuses, the author offers advice for designing and construct­ing apparatuses and also for the manufacturing technique. Various measurements on electrical ma­­chines, transformers, etc. are de­scribed in seventeen chapters. Making departure from the com­mon engineering viewpoints, the author aims at providing knowl­edge of informatory value to all who are particularly interested in this branch of science. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ BUDAPEST