Földi Mihály: Diseases of lymphatics and lymph circulation (Budapest, 1969)

M. Földi DISEASES OF LYMPHATICS AND LYMPH CIRCULATION With the rapid progress of lymphology in recent years, it has become evident that this new branch of angiology is equally as important as those which deal with the arteries or veins. Similarly, it is obvious that cardiology in general, i.e. the science of circulation, which for a long time failed to study venous circulation, while car­rying on extensive investiga­tions into the heart and the arterial blood circulation, has committed another failure by neglecting the study of lymph circulation. This book is the first compre­hensive monograph in the liter­ature dealing with the diseases of lymph vessels, the various forms of insufficiencies of lymph circulation, and with patholog­ical conditions arising from dis­turbances of lymph circulation, termed lymphogenic diseases by the author. The knowledge of these primary clinical pictures, as well as the concomitant role disturbances of lymph circula­tion play in known pathological processes, is essential for both clinicians and pathologists. Chapters treating the pathology of lymphatics enable the reader to identify the relevant clinical pictures. Practical problems of therapy are also discussed in the work.