For the progress of marxist economics. Selected studies (Budapest, 1967)

FOR THE PROGRESS OF MARXIST ECONOMICS SELECTED STUDIES Edited by T. Földi In this volume, which contains some of the best papers of the yearbook published in celebra­tion of the tenth anniversary of the Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sci­ences, academician István Friss analyses Hungarian economics with special regard to the re­sults of the research work con­ducted in the Institute; Róbert Hoch and József Berényi deal with the planning of growth of consumption while János László examines the interconnections of material incentives and rent­­ability in cooperative farms. Further, correlations between socialist international division of labour and efficiency of pro­duction are studied by a research team of the Institute; new as­pects concerning the interrela­tions of reproduction theory and theory of economic fluctuation are supplied by Péter Erdős; finally, based on methods elabo­rated in cooperation with the last-mentioned author, Ferenc Molnár gives an example of how reproduction process in USA can be represented by Marxian schemes of reproduction. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ PUBLISHING HOUSE OP THE HUNGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Budapest