Fresenius W. (szerk.): Reviews on analytical chemistry. Presented at the Euroanalysis conference II. - Reviews on analytical chemistry 2. (Budapest, 1977)

REVIEWS ON ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY Edited by W. FRESENIUS This volume contains the plenary lectures of the Second European Conference on Analytical Chem­istry (Euroanalysis II, Budapest, Hungary, 1975). These ten plenary lectures survey the recent trends in various fields of analytical chemistry. They report on the fundamental and theoretical results obtained by means of ion-selective electrodes', on the possibili­ties of the technological application of chromatog­raphy and on the actuality of computers in ana­lytical research. The reader is provided with up-to­­date information upon the instrumental methods of organic analysis, the recent results in quantitative thermal analysis, and the development of modern methods of electroanalysis. Consideration is also given to the role of analytical chemistry in the study of drug metabolism, and in the solving of problems in environmental protection. Apart from the wealth of results and details of trends in analytical chem­istry over the past twenty years, guidance is offered on the selection and combination of analytical methods. The papers published here together with the numerous references will be of great benefit to the reader and will enable him to get acquainted with all the current scientific work and results in this field. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ BUDAPEST ISBN 963 05 1095 2