Gábor Miklós - Farkas Loránd - Kállay Ferenc (szerk.): Flavonoids and bioflavonoids current research trends. Proceedings of the 5th Hungarian Bioflavonoid Symposium. Mátrafüred May 25-27, 1977 - Proceedinds of the Hungarian Bioflavonoid Symposium 5. (Budapest, 1977)

FLAVONOIDS AND BIOFLAVONOIDS CURRENT RESEARCH TRENDS PROCEEDINGS OF THE FIFTH HUNGARIAN BIOFLAVONOID SYMPOSIUM Mátrafüred, Hungary, May 25-27, 1977 Edited by L. Farkas, M. Gábor and F. Kállay Flavonoid chemists and biochemists from ten countries presented their new research results in 43 papers at the latest in the series of Bioflavonoid Symposia held in Hungary. Like its predecessors, the Symposium covered many aspects of flavonoid research today, such as new flavonoid structures (isoflavan and pterocarpan phyto­alexins, new prenylated natural compounds, homoiso­­flavanones, O- and C-glycosides, etc.), the synthesis of natural products and organic reactions of flavonoids, 13C-NMR spectroscopy and chiroptical methods of structure elucidation and determination, absorption and metabolism in plants, in the animal and human organism, physiological actions, and the dietary and therapeutic evaluation of flavonoid compounds. Many renowned schools of European flavonoid research published their current findings in this volume. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ • BUDAPEST