Gárdos G. (szerk.): Biochemistry of the cell nucleus - Proceedings of the 9. Meeting of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies 33. (Budapest, 1975)

PROCEEDINGS OF THE NINTH MEETING OF THE FEDERATION OF EUROPEAN BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETIES, 1974 The Proceedings of the Meeting contain the invited lectures delivered on the main topics of the Meeting. The com­plete work appears in seven volumes as follows: Vol. 31: Proteins of Contractile Sys­tems Vol. 32: Mechanism of Action and Regulation of Enzymes Vol. 33: Biochemistry of the Cell Nucleus Mechanism and Regulation of Gene Expression Vol. 34: Post-Synthetic Modification of Macromolecules Vol. 35: Biomembranes: Structure and Function Vol. 36: AntibodyStructureand Mo­lecular Immunology Vol. 37: Properties of Purified Cho­linergic and Adrenergic Receptors The Ninth FEBS Meeting, organized for the Federation by the Hungarian Biochemical Society, was held in Budapest, August 25-30, 1974. вЙ) OllO AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ BUDAPEST