Gerontological Studies on Hungarian Centenarians (Budapest, 1965)

GERONTOLOGICAL STUDIES ON HUNGARIAN CENTENARIANS Edited by L. Haranghy In January I960 the Gerontolo­gical Section of the Biological Society of the Hungarian Aca­demy of Sciences decided to in­vestigate the physical and men­tal condition of all individuals who had reached the age of 99 years in Hungary. The aim of the investigations has been to determine the physiological changes developing in 100- year-old persons under present living conditions and io further the solution of the problem of the upper limit of human life. Twenty-three subjects were in­­vestigated from the aspects of general gerontology, demogra­phy, anthropology, internal med­icine, roentgenology, nutrition, psychiatry, surgery, ophthal­mology and stomatology. This book gives a full aceount of these investigations. Clinical data and postmortem report of one of the cases having died at the age of 101 are also included. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ BUDAPEST