Golden, Peter Benjamin: Khazar studies. An historico-philological inquiry into the origins of the Khazars 2. - Bibliotheca orientalis Hungarica 25. (Budapest, 1980)

Khazar Studies fin historico-philological inquiry info the origins of the К bazars ?eter 8. Golden The Khazar Qaganate—successor to the Türk Empire in Western Asia and Eastern Europe, and one of the series of Altaic steppe peoples in this region beginning with the advent of the Huns—established one of the largest political formations of the early Middle Ages. The Khazars arc notable for the role they played in the history of the early Hungarians, Eastern Slavs, the lands of the Islam and the Caucasus. The author provides a sketch of Khazar history and institutions. Gathered here is all the available material relating to the remnants of the Khazar language as recorded in the form of tribal names, titles and personal names, toponyms and hydronyms scattered in Arabic, Persian, Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Arme­nian, Georgian, and Old Slavic sources; these are accompanied by etymological notes and comparative historical and philological data. This abundance of source material — some 252 facsimiles — is contained in the second volume of the work. Akadémiai Kiadó • Budapest Ш inquiry into the origins I Akadémiai Kiadó,Budapest í,