Holly Sándor - Sohár Pál: Absorption spectra in the infrared region. Theoretical and technical introduction - Absorption spectra in the infrared region 0. (Budapest, 1975)

BY S. HOLLY AND P. SOHÁR EDITED BY L. LÁNG AND W. H. PRICHARD Chapter I of this book is concerned with the theoretical background of spectros­copy, but only to an extent absolutely necessary for practical work, and suf­ficient for a practical spectroscopist to learn the most important theoretical facts required to interpret infrared spectra. The origin of characteristic bond and group vibrations, their form and behaviour, are illustrated by a group of theoretical treatment of the normal vibrations in simple molecules. In Chapter 2 the bond and group fre­­quenciescharacteristicof large molecules are discussed. Particular attention is devoted to the absorption bands and vibration types of hydrocarbons, hydrox­yl and carbonyl groups, nitrogen­­oxygen bonds, triple and cumulated double bonds, carbon-nitrogen bonds, ethers, peroxides, ketals and acetals, as well as of sulfur-, silicon-, boron-, and phosphorus-containing and heterocyclic compounds. Chapter 3 is concerned with infrared spectrometers and the operation prin­ciples of various types of equipment. The experimental techniques applied to investigate gaseous, liquid and solid samples are reviewed and calibration methods are also discussed. The last section deals briefly with the storage and retrieval of spectral information.-1828 -11.. —''i Л „11 Ш—D AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ PUBLISHING HOUSE OF THE HUNGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Budapest