Hypothalamic control of the anterior pituitary. An experimental-morphological study (Budapest, 1962)

J. Szentágothai, В. Flerkó В. Mess and В. Halász HYPOTHALAMIC CONTROL OF THE ANTERIOR PITUITARY This monograph summarizes the results of ten years’ team­work on neurohormonal regu­lation mechanisms, conducted in the Anatomy Department of the Pécs University. It gives a detailed anatomical and histo­logical analysis of the hypothal­­amo-hypophyseal complex, with due regard to the interests of the experimenter (stereotactic co-ordinates, Golgi cytoarchitec­­ture, synaptology, hypothal­amic pathways, blood circulation and innervation of the pituitary gland). A vast experimental material concerning hypothala­mic control of thyrotrophic, ad­­renocorticotrophic and gonado­trophic functions is presented It is attempted to analize endocrine mechanisms chiefly from the viewpoint of feedback control. Several new technical approaches to this field are made, including the extensive use of intrahypothalamic and intrahypophyseal transplanta­tions of endocrine tissues and of caryometric methods. The monograph is of peculiar interest for the experimental and clinical endocrinologist. The thorough treatment of the func­tional anatomy of the hypothal­amus makes it a useful aid for the neuroanatomist, the neuro­physiologist and the clinical neurologist. Owing to the daring and provocative raising of new concepts, such as direct internal feedback mechanisms, and sev­eral rather unusual histological and experimental modes of approach, the volume is a stimulating reading for every­body interested in experimental medicine and biology.