Input-output tables, their compilation and use. Proceedings of Branch A of the Scientific Conference on Statistical Problems, Budapest, 1-5. June, 1961 (Budapest, 1962)

INPUT-OUTPUT TABLES THEIR COMPILATION AND USE Edited by O. ^Lukács, Gy. Cukor, P. Havas and Z. Román This volume contains pro­ceedings of Branch A of the Scientific Statistical Conference held in Budapest, in June 1961. The scholars and practical experts giving lectures and making contributions to the de­bate included, besides Hun­garian participants, also dele­gates from Czechoslovakia, the German Democratic Republic, Great Britain, Poland and the Soviet Union. The introduction to the vol­ume is written by Prof. György Péter, President of the Central Statistical Office. It includes 21 papers and a number of comments dealing with theo­retical and practical problems relating to drafting input—out­put tables and giving informa­tion about results achieved in this field by the countries re­presented at the Conference. Besides general questions of input—output tables the book also deals with the compi­lation of the so-called partial balances. It also gives infor­mation on experimental work connected with the use of the tables and their results. The book will be of great interest to theoretical econo­mists, statisticians, as well as to planners and practical econo­mists.