International Conference on Gerontology. Budapest, 1962 (Budapest, 1965)

INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON GERONTOLOGY Edited by A. BALÁZS From the 179 lectures delivered at the Congress the volume contains 134 papers mainly in English and German, some in Russian and one in French. A number of papers discuss theoretical problems: the senescence of connective tissues, comparative experiments in plants and animals, the biochemistry of old age, arteriosclerosis, geronto­­physiology, gerostomatology, se­nile lesions encountered in sur­gery, traumatology and internal medicine. Papers on social-political problems such as care and rehabi­litation of the old, retiring age etc. are, owing to their social aspects, of interest to medical practitioners and researchers, to biologists and sociologists interested in geron­tology. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ BUDAPEST