Kertész Andor: Lectures on artinian rings - Disquisitiones mathematicae Hungaricae 14. (Budapest, 1987)

ANDOR KERTÉSZ LECTURES ON ARTINIAN RINGS with chapters written by GERHARD BETSCH ALFRED WIDIGER and RICHARD WIEGANDT Edited by RICHARD WIEGANDT The theory of artinian rings, this impor­tant and rapidly developing field of algebra, is thoroughly discussed in this book start­ing with the classical structure theory of rings. New related topics, rarely treated elsewhere, complete the present English edition, such as rings of quotients, quasi- Frobenius rings, Connell's theorem on artinian group rings and Vámos' theorem on finitely embedded modules. Numerous recently discovered results are also included, e.g. Kertész’ theorem on noetherian rings to be artinian, Widiger’s decomposition theorem, Ayoub-Van Huyn’s theorem that every MHR ring is split and the Litoff-Ánh theorem on simple rings with non-zero socle. After the author’s untimely decease, the work was completed, in line with his plans and drafts, by G. Betsch, A. Widiger and R. Wiegandt, presenting an up-to-date; coverage of the field, equally helpful as an introduction to the theory of rings and as a textbook for advanced study. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ, BUDAPEST