Kisbocskói L. (szerk.): Proceedings of the second Conference on Dimensioning and Strength Calculations - Proceedings of the Conference on Dimensioning and Strength Calculations 2. (Budapest, 1965)

PROCEEDINGS OF THE SECOND CONFERENCE ON DIMENSIONING AND STRENGTH CALCULATIONS Editor L. KISBOCSKÓI In this volume the results of the work of 46 lecturers from 15 dif­ferent countries are pres­ented. The lectures deal with the various prob­lems in the dimensioning of machine parts, steel and light constructions, general design problems, stress and strain anal­ysis, material fatigue and service life, and the prob­lems of brittle fracture. The lectures published in extenso were presented at the Conference organ­ized by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ BUDAPEST