Láng B. (szerk.): 6th Hungarian pharmacopoeia. Pharmacopoeia Hungarica 6. 1. - Hungarian pharmacopoeia 1. (Budapest, 1970)

Vlth HUNGARIAN PHARMACOPOEIA Edited by B. LÁNG As we live in a period of interna­tional integration of sciences, it is an essential requirement that im­portant national sources of infor­mation should be made available for international utilization. Such sources are, in medicine and phar­macy, the National Pharmaco­poeias, which permit insight into the pharmaceutical culture of na­tions. In the history of the Hungarian Pharmacopoeia, its fifth edition in 1954 was of a paramount impor­tance, since it first took into con­sideration the points of industrial­ization of pharmacy, besides phar­maceutical compounding on small­­scale. The sixth edition has been fully based on this conception: in addition to simple “rapid informa­tive methods”, easy to perform in any pharmacy, ample space has been provided for the most modern instrumental procedures of physi­cal and chemical analysis and bio­logical evaluation. Thus, this work is indispensable for pharmacologists, pharmaceuti­cal factories and for health author­ities exercizing control activity. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ BUDAPEST