Láng László (szerk.): Absorption spectra in the infrared region Vol. 1 - Absorption spectra in the infrared region 1. (Budapest, 1974)

We recommend ABSORPTION SPECTRA IN THE ULTRAVIOLET AND VISIBLE REGION edited by L Láng In English — About 400 pages per volume — 17x25 cm — Loose-leaf cloth binders In this very successful series 18 volumes and three cumulative indexes have been published so far. Each volume contains spectra graphs and tables of about 170—197 compounds. According to international book reviews this series is highly useful in both struc­ture research and chemical analysis. This applies especially to problems of analytical character or structure deter­mination encountered in the pharma­ceutical, plastics, dye and other indus­tries, i.e. in organic chemical industry in general. A great advantage of this Col­lection is that the spectra published may, in many cases, directly be used for solv­ing the particular problem in question. Distributors KULTURA H-1389 Budapest, P.O.B. 149