Láng László (szerk.): Absorption spectra in the infrared region Vol. 4 - Absorption spectra in the infrared region 4. (Budapest, 1978)

Volume 4 Edited by L. Láng This is the fourth of a series of volumes which presents the infrared spectra of selected organic compounds over a range 400—4000 cm-1, together with full details of sample and experimental conditions. The empirical formula, mo­lecular weight and melting point of each substance is also given. The choice of spectra has been made by a panel of experienced spectroscopists, who have given primary consideration to covering compounds which have been isolated or synthesized recently. More familiar ma­terials have also been included, general­ly because the spectra presented for them are more detailed than those of other published sources, or because they refer to different experimental conditions. The volumes of ABSORPTION SPEC­TRA IN THE INFRARED REGION will provide a valuable source of reference which complements and extends exist­ing sources. Organic chemists and bio­chemists in academic and industrial laboratories, particularly in the petro­chemical and pharmaceutical indus­tries, will find this series an easily accessible source of clearly presented infrared spectra of an interesting range of compounds. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ Publishing House of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest T