Ligeti Lajos: Proceedings of the Csoma de Kőrös memorial symposium, held at Mátrafüred, Hungary, 24-30 September 1976 - Bibliotheca orientalis Hungarica 23. (Budapest, 1978)

MEMORIAL SYMPOSIUM Mátrafüred, Hungary 24-30 September 1976 Edited by LOUIS LIGETI (BIBLIOTHECA ORIENTALIS HUNGARICA, VOL. XXIII.) The Körösi Csorna Society, under the auspices of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, held a Sym­posium dedicated to the memory of Alexander Csorna de Kőrös, founder of Tibetan studies, be­tween September 24 and 30, 1976 at Mátrafüred in Hungary. Outstanding representatives of Tibetan and Central Asian studies from sixteen countries participated at the conference. The themes of the papers delivered at the Sym­posium were taken from fields in which Csorna de Kőrös himself used to be active. Various branches of Tibetan studies including linguistics, culture, history and sociology, Lamaism (Tibet, Hima­layan region, Mongolia, etc.) and related fields such as Tangut studies and Central Asian culture were dealt with. No AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ, BUDAPEST PROCEEDINGS OF THE CSOMA DE k>k> %)•) KOROS MEMORIAL SYMPOSIUM EDITED BY LOUIS LIGETI AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ. BUDAPEST PROCEEDINGS OF THE CSOMA DE