Ligeti Lajos: Researches in Altaic languages. Papers read at the 14th meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference held in Szeged, August 22-28, 1971 - Bibliotheca orientalis Hungarica 20. (Budapest, 1975)

RESEARCHES IN ALTAIC LANGUAGES PROCEEDINGS OF THE 14th MEETING OF THE PERMANENT INTERNATIONAL ALTAISTIC CONFERENCE Held in Szeged, August 22—28, 1971 Edited by L. LIGETI (BIBLIOTHECA ORIENTALTS HTJNGARICA 20) The present volume contains the material of papers and discus­sions read at the 14th Session of the Permanent International Altaistie Conference (PIAC) at Szeged (South Hungary). From year to year PIAC ar­ranges conferences in different countries, and it is generally acknowledged today that the volumes published from the proceedings of these conferences have become the most significant forum of the discipline. The central topic of the Szeged conference covered questions of relationship existing between Altaic peoples and languages. The researchers participating at the sessions of the Conference reported on results from the most diverse fields of investigation, approaching the relevant prob­lems with different methods. V I RESEARCHES I IN ALTAIC I LANGUAGES I LOUIS.'LIGETI I II h I111 i Г i (I ИИ I J , ■ AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ _______________________________________________________________BUDAPEST ■