Ligeti Lajos: Tibetan and Buddhist studies. Commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Alexander Csoma de Kőrös - Bibliotheca orientalis Hungarica 29. (Budapest, 1984)

ТШТЛЛ ^ ъигюяш t u e I Ъ UDVHJST íj AL EXÄXDCR I G50JVLA Ví КОТЮ5 I 7Í Г у^ТЧ/Т^/^Т? (BIBLIOTHECA ORIENTALIS ^ *.* j^/\v i. •/ 1 J—у V­­HUNGARICA XXIX) X" "* L /T /f " I Л СГ The 200th anniversary of the birth of I l ЛГ Jt Jtrt Уж I yC . у / >Л_ Alexander Csorna de Kőrös, the Siculo- I V— Hungarian scholar, is celebrated in 1984. As his primary aim was to discover the origin of the Hungarian people, he is particularly famous in Hungary, though ' " his greatest scientific importance lies in his H EDITED BY pioneering role in the research of a faraway I CM IIC i |^гт| culture. His achievements in modern Tibet-L'-'UIO Liot 11 ology and the research of Buddhism and Central Asia are still considered important. while his outstanding personal qualities H make him a living example to this day. I In the present volume the most excellent representatives of the discipline, nurtured H ' on Csorna de Kőrös’ achievement, publish ^ their latest results, paying homage to the I memory of this outstanding scholar. The 46 studies of scholars from 17 countries cover the problems of almost all fields of Щ Tibetan studies and related branches. The topics of the history of religion lead J from Buddha’s life, from early Tibetan Í Buddhism, Tantrism and Bon religion, to popular religion and Shamanism. There I are also papers dealing with several schools ■ Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest I