Lissák Kálmán (szerk.): Results in neuroanatomy, motor organization, cerebral circulation and modelling - Recent development of neurobiology in Hungary 8. (Budapest, 1979)

Recent Developments of Neurobiology in Hungary Vol. VIII RESULTS IN NEUROANATOMY, MOTOR ORGANIZATION, CEREBRAL CIRCULATION AND MODELLING Edited by K. Lissák The papers of this book, con­tinuing the communication of the same scientific programme as the previous volume, give an overall survey about the results of the most recent in­vestigations. The contributions deal with the problems of neuroanatomy, motor organ­ization and cerebral circula­tion, i.e., with questions the researchers of neurobiology are keenly interested in all over the world. Thus also this publication will certainly be of interest. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ Publishing House of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences BUDAPEST