Lissák Kálmán (szerk.): Results in neuroendocrinology, neurochemistry and sleep research - Recent development of neurobiology in Hungary 7. (Budapest, 1978)

RESULTS IN NEUROENDOCRINOLOGY, NEUROCHEMISTRY AND SLEEP RESEARCH Edited by K. Lissák (Recent Developments of Neurobiology in Hungary Vol. VII) This volume includes contribu­tions - arranged in 5 chapters — reporting on the neurobiological research carried out in different institutes of the country co-ordi­nated by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Health. From time to time the authors wish to inform experts both at home and abroad about the recent results obtained in the field of neurobiology, and the present book will certainly arouse the interest of those involved in this special branch of science. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ Publishing House of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest