Morf, Werner E.: The principles of ion-selective electrodes and of membrane transport - Studies in analytical chemistry 2. (Amsterdam, 1981)

This book is designed to provide a comprehensive survey of the theory anu the fundamentals of ion-selective electrodes and of passive membrane transport. The field is treated in depth and self-consistently, the entire discussion being based on a unified membrane model. The present work thus bridges the gap between earlier, more specific approaches. Nevertheless, emphasis is placed on simple derivations and explicit results. Many practical examples are given to illustrate the funda­mental relationships. Part A is devoted to a general discussion of membrane phenomena. It includes an exhaustive treatment of diffusion potentials and membrane potentials, as well as a detailed analysis of free and carrier-mediated ion transport across artificial membranes. For convenience, the key results are summarized in Chapter 9. Part В covers ion-selective electrodes. It treats in great detail the principles of solid-state membrane electrodes, liquid ion-exchanqe membrane electrodes, neutral carrier membrane electrodes, glass electrodes, gas sensors, and enzyme electrodes. The discussion includes the response behavior and ion selectivity of sensors, the mechanistic and molecular aspects, and the design criteria of ion-selective ionophores. Several unpublished theories and ideas are presented. The fascinating field of ion-selective membranes and electrodes is an eminent example of interdisciplinary research. The present book should therefore be welcomed by scientists and experts working in many branches of chemistry. It may also provide a theoretical background to graduate students interested in analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, and membrane sciences. ISBN 963 05 2511 9