Mosonyi Emil: Water power development 1. Low-head power plants - Water power development 1. (Budapest, 1963)

Second enlarged and completely revised English edition A reference book written especially for experts engaged in hydroelectric power development. In arranging the material and composing the book, the author was led, to a great extent, by pedagogical considerations, consequently the book can serve as a textbook for students in engineering as well, although — by its volume and the exhaustive treatment of certain problems — it goes far beyond the scope of a university textbook. The critical review of latest scientific results, on the one hand, and the scientif­ic investigations of the author himself, on the other, afford useful information for the study of scientific problems arising in connection with the utilization of water power. The author makes full use of his wide practical experience acquired in this field in Algeria, Austria, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the USSR, Yugo­slavia, as also at many international conferences. The text is supplemented by a great number of selected photo­graphs and construction drawings of power plants in operation and under construction all over the world. Owing to the unusual interest this book aroused all over the scientific world Volume I of the English edition has been out of print for some time. This second enlarged and completely revised edition of Volume I now runs, in fact, into its fourth edition following those in Hungarian, German and English. EXCERPTS FROM THE NUMEROUS REVIEWS ON MOSONYPS BOOK . . . The comprehensiveness, combined with the author’s mastery of detail, whether in theory or practice, makes Dr. Eng. Mosonyi’s book the most notable of its kind yet published .. . (Water Power, London) . . . one of the most complete discussions of water power development published anywhere in recent years . . . (Power Engineering, London) Prof. Dr. Emil Mosonyi WATER POWER DEVELOPMENT VOL. I.