Mosonyi Emil: Water power development 2. High-head power plants - Water power development 2. (Budapest, 1965)

E. Mosonyi WATER POWER DEVELOPMENT II. High-Head Power Plants The practical value and time­liness of the second volume was further increased by adding ex­amples for the potential applica­tions of up-to-date analogue com­puters for the exact determina­tion of surface oscillations in surge tanks and for rapid struc­tural testing. The technical de­scriptions and illustrations of numerous projects completed since the publication of the first edition have been included. In order to facilitate the use of the volume, indexes and a conversion table of English metric units, as well as an explanation of the terminology have been attached. FROM THE REVIEWS ON THE FIRST EDITION “. . . The work in point is unpar­alleled in world literature.” ÖSTERREICHISCHE ZEITSCHRIFT FÜR ELEKTRI­ZITÄTSWIRTSCHAFT, Wien “. . . The wealth of information, data, drawing and illustrations contained, render it a rich source of consultation for the student and the designer alike . . L’ENERGIA ELETTRICA, Milano