Nagy Dénes: Radiological anatomy - Röntgenanatómia (Budapest, 1965)

RADIOLOGICAL ANATOMY by D. NAGY M. D. Contemporary medical science with the availability of up-to-date techni­cal and clinical facilities considers X- ray examinations one of the most essential methods for the detection and diagnosis of certain organic disorders of the human body. For this reason a thorough knowledge of X-rays is essential for the modern physician. However, the assessment of X-ray pictures of pathological alter­ations is not feasible without a thorough knowledge of X-ray pic­tures taken of a healthy human body. Thus, familiarity with the peculiarities of X-ray photographs which are partly the result of a succession of projec­tions of images, i.e. physical laws is necessary. Dr. Nagy’s book furnishes valuable assistance in acquiring, and/or en­larging our knowledge in this field. This volume is the first English edition of the author’s work which has been published in seven editions. The importance of this volume is greatly enhanced by the demon­stration of X-ray photographs which are most suitable for the examinations of all parts of the human body. In addition there is ample information on focusing photographs, surface anatomy and the anatomic position of organs to be examined by X-ray. X-ray photographs are analysed in detail and in various stages in order to facilitate the understanding of X-ray pictures which otherwise might appear to be very complicated.