Niinistö L. (szerk.): Reviews on analytical chemistry. Euroanalysis IV. Helsinki/Espoo, 23-28 August, 1981 - Reviews on analytical chemistry 4. (Budapest, 1982)

EUROANALYSIS IV Reviews on Analytical Chemistry Edited by L.NIINISTÖ This volume contains the invited lectures presented at the fourth European Conference on Analyt­ical Chemistry, EUROANALYSIS IV, held in Helsinki/Espoo, 23—28 August 1981. The sixteen lectures survey recent trends and developments in several important areas of analyt­ical chemistry. Electroanalytical and absorption spectroscopic techniques are discussed as well as the contamination problem in analytical chemistry. Environmental and related problems are dealt with in four contributions: high-resolution gas chroma­tography and ion chromatography, asbestos anal­ysis, and arctic marine water analysis. Three Special Sessions were included in the Conference: “Analytical Chemistry, the Analyst and Society”, “Mass Spectrometry in Inorganic Analysis” and “Symbolism in Analytical Chemis­try”. The invited lectures presented in these sessions are also printed in this volume, providing the reader with a broad and up-to-date view of these topics. The book will be of interest to analytical chemists and students wishing to obtain an insight into some of the most important techniques and applications of analytical chemistry today. The value of the contributions, each written by a renowned expert in the field, is enhanced by the numerous figures, tables and references. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ, BUDAPEST ASSOCIATION OF FINNISH CHEMICAL SOCIETIES HELSINKI