Péteri Zoltán (szerk.): The comparison of law: selected essays for the 9th International Congress of Comparative Law - International Congress of Comparative Law 9. (Budapest, 1974)

The Comparison of Law La comparaison de droit Edited by Zoltán Péteri It is the fourth time that Hungarian jurispru­dence contributes with the present work to the International Congresses on Comparative Law. This means not only a kind of continuity but also marks the headway the idea of comparison has made in socialis! jurisprudence. By now, the comparative law movement lias undoubtedly become a factor promoting a bettei international understanding and cooperation, by examining various legal solutions. Thus the authors seeking answers to theoretical as well as practical prob­lems in their national reports provide, in the last analysis, information on the actual state of Hungarian jurisprudence, and on the relating views in socialist science, for a broad scientific community. At the same time they outline the development perspectives which may be, it is hoped, of interest for jurists in the third world, too. Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest