Phaenoanalysis and quantitative inheritance (Budapest, 1969)

PHAENOANALYSIS AND QUANTITATIVE INHER­ITANCE Edited by GY. FÁBIÁN The volume contains several pa­pers reporting on zoogenetical investigations. Although the spe­cies of the animals described differ widely, the problems tackled are identical, namely the phaenogenet- ical analysis of various forms and their hybrids on the basis of avail­able growth equations. The papers provide abundant data on mor­phogenetic homeostasis and an attempt is made to make use of the information theory in zoogenetical investigations. A wide range of vertebrates is being treated includ­ing both domesticated and wild forms, as well as their hybrids. Papers describing practically ex­tinct Hungarian species are of special interest. This volume is to be recommended to zoogenetical and zoological research workers, but also to experts of animal breed­ing, as useful practical informa­tion is also conveyed. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ Publishing House of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences • Budapest