Pléh Csaba - Csibra Gergely - Richerson, Peter (szerk.): Naturalistic approaches to culture - Neurocognitive Development and Impairments (Budapest, 2014)

Neurocognitive Development and Impairments El This series collects monographs and collective volumes on the issues of neurocognitive development and impairments. Special, although not exclusive attention is devoted to authors from Central and Eastern Europe. Titles inthe series Ilona Kovács (ed.): Visual Integration: Development and Impairments J Ágnes Lukács: Language Abilities in Williams Syndrome j Miklós Győri: Autism and Cognitive Architecture J Csaba Pléh: History and Theories of the Mind Csaba Pléh, Lilia Gurova and László Ropolyi (eds): New Perspectives on the History of Cognitive Science