Pléh Csaba - Gurova, Lilia - Ropolyi László (szerk.): New perspectives on the history of cognitive science - Neurocognitive Development and Impairments (Budapest, 2013)

Neurocognitive Development and Impairments This series collects monographs on the issues of neurocognitive develop­ment and impairments. Special, although not exclusive attention is devoted to authors from Central and Eastern Europe. Titles in the series Ilona Kovács (ed.): Visual Integration: Development and Impairments Ágnes Lukács: Language Abilities in Williams Syndrome Miklós Győri: Autism and Cognitive Architecture Csaba Pléh: History and Theories of the Mind In preparation Csaba Pléh, Peter Richerson and Gergely Csibra (eds.): Naturalistic approaches to culture 23