Prékopa, A. (szerk.): Survey of mathematical programming: Proceedings of the 9th International Mathematical Programming Symposium: Budapest, August 23-27, 1976. 1. - Survey of mathematical programming 1. (Budapest, 1979)

SURVEY OF MATHEMATICAL PROGRAMMING Proceedings of the 9th International Mathematical Programming Symposium Mathematical programming is a powerful tool for solving various optimization prob­lems arising in economics, industry, en­gineering design, and the natural and social sciences. Though only a few decades have passed since the publication of the famous founding works of G. B. Dantzig and L. V. Kantorovich, the field has blossomed pro­viding the beauty of high level science and the strength of applied methodology for theoreticians and practitioners alike. Every third year a large International Symposium on Mathematical Programming has been organised by the Mathematical Program­ming Society. The site of the 9th Sym­posium was Budapest and these three volumes represent the proceedings of this important scientific meeting. One hun­dred selected papers provide information on all parts of mathematical programming such as linear, nonlinear discrete, stochas­tic, dynamic programming, theory of games, optimization in networks, graphs and combinatorics, teaching mathematical programming, software as well as impor­tant applications. The Proceedings gives a good picture of the present state of the art of this rapidly developing branch of applied mathematics. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ, BUDAPEST