Proceedings of the colloquium on Abelian groups. Tihany, Sept. 1963 (Budapest, 1964)

PROCEEDINGS OF THE COLLOQUIUM ON ABELIAN GROUPS Edited, by L. Fuchs and T. Schmidt In September 1963 at Tihany a one week Colloquium on the Theory of Abelian Groups was organized by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the János Bolyai Mathematical So­ciety, cosponsored by the Inter­national Mathematical Union. From 12 countries, 48 invited mathematicians, among them the most eminent specialists in the theory of Abelian groups, took part in this Colloquium. Structural problems and homo- logical methods of Abelian groups were the most important aspects discussed at the Tihany Colloquium. This volume com­prises those studies which have not been published elsewhere. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ PUBLISHING HOUSE OF THE HUNGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES BUDAPEST